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The keyword „copied“ is used e.g. in following contect: Selected, Copied, and Described by Nina M. Davies with the Editorial Assistance of Alan H. Gardiner. University of Chicago Press 1936. … Bellino, who copied all with admirable ease and correctness.” Übersetzung:„Ich habe sehr seltsame Entdeckungen in den Ruinen von Ninive … First and introductory memoir 1915: The Tomb of Amenemhet (TT 82) copied in line and colour by Nina de Garis Davies and with explanatory … Im Auftrag Hamiltons schuf der deutsche Maler Rehberg Porträts von einer Auswahl ihrer Attitüden, die 1794 als Drawings faithfully copied … From a manuscript copied by Charles Hornby of Pipe Office, in 1705 "with some variations and additions". Edited, with an introduction and … During WW II, German diplomats obsessed over canine that copied Fuehrer's salute, in englischer Sprache, 7. Januar 2011, abgerufen am 18. … Titel Songwriter Says Richie Copied His Compositions | Sammelwerk Billboard Magazine | Tag 1 | Monat Juni | Jahr 1985 | Seiten 76 . … "Birch was the first American ship portraitist, and his paintings were copied by countless artists and craftsmen in America and Europe " … "In gleicher Weise äußert sich auch Elaine Dundy: "Subconsciously, the grown Elvis copied his hero’s glistening black hair, his sideburns … Die Laudatio hielt Jeff Beck , der zugab: „I’ve copied more licks from Les Paul than I’d like to admit. Ich habe mehr Lick s von Les … 395; Paris 1969, respectively), the 1466 manuscript having been copied in Constantinople by Thomas Prodromites. (Julian Raby: Mehmed the … Translated from the French, by Frederic Shoberl with coloured plates, faithfully copied from Japanese original designs. London (Ackermann … The Temple of King Sethos I at Abydos copied by Amice M. Calverley, with the Assistance of Myrtle F. Broome and edited by Alan H. Gardiner … 379 Archetypal '50s monster movie has been copied so often that some of the edge is gone, but story … is still entertaining … – Leonard … "Every single one of our tricks was copied from Doron Witztum's own work." i 3947599&c ASI&s AIR | titel Russia Admits China Illegally Copied Its Fighter | hrsg DefenceNews | sprache en | datum | zugriff 2011-12-26 … Dunn übersetzt die Passage auf Englisch: „I, however, who have copied this history, or more truly legend, give no credence to various … Literatur : Selected, copied and described. 3 Bände, Chicago University Press, Chicago (Ill.) 1936, Bd. 1, Tafel XLVII-XVLIII. … For Cézanne, who copied the Women of Algiers in their apartment (p. 53) and The Barque, Delacroix was an idol; the sombre analogy of The … Incidentally, the ascription of the term ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ to Blanqui is a myth industriously copied from book to book by … is that Mrs Beeton was a plagiarist who copied down other people's recipes and passed them off as her own. Behind the authoritative, … I don’t think he could have copied UNIX because he didn’t have access to the UNIX source code, except maybe John Lions’ book, which is … His unique and distinctive tone is still respected and often copied to this day. Allen’s use of note bending and the “growl” technique … and the template does not exist on most wikis this is copied to) (undo)(cur) (last) 22:08, 30 March 2007 (Talk) (undo)(cur … An image of Gary Gygax was uploaded to the English Wikipedia some time ago, and it was copied to the German Wikipedia. Unfortunately, we …


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